The Forbidden Forest

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This lush, green and densely grown forest lies to the east of Crimson Falls. It was gifted to a clan of eladrin during the time of the Nerathi Empire. Ever since, elves, eladrin, and other fey creatures have lived in the Forest and closed its borders to all outsiders, thus earning the name “Forbidden Forest”.

Over the centuries, many legends have been told about this place. Whatever the truth of these stories, it is clear that even today, elves live in the forest, because people who have tried to enter it have been turned back – usually by a warning arrow shot right across their noses. Rumors persists of a wondrous city in the center of the forest, from which the eladrin rule the forest and all who live there.

Open Area

Why did the fey close the forest’s borders to all outsiders? Do they have something to hide? Maybe they brought a terrible secret with them from the Feywild? Or are they actually protecting the people outside the forest from something dangerous inside it? Come up with an interesting idea at least 50 words long and gain a magical item made by the fey.

The Forbidden Forest

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