The Mourning Vale

The Mourning Vale is an area of flowing green hills studded with ancient trees to the north of Fallcrest. The Vale was named after the sound the cold northern winds make when they pass through it, a low, moaning, sorrowful sound that reminds people of things lost and forgotten. Some people swear that the wind is strongest on nights of great sorrow, when some loved-one has died or something precious has been lost forever. Others call that silly superstition and point to geographical features, such as the layout of the hills, the formations of trees and rocks and other things to explain the strange sound.

Whatever the reason for the sounds, the Vale has never been settled, not even during the high days of the Nerathi Empire. Those settlers that did go there, soon returned quiet and disturbed, unwilling to ever go back. None of them could ever give a good reason for their departure.

Open Area

Why has the Mourning Vale never been settled? Was it something that happened long ago? Do the strange hills have something to do with it? Is it all just a superstition? But why did the settlers leave? Gain a re-roll of your choice for answering this mystery with an interesting story at least 50 words long.

The Mourning Vale

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