The Ravaged Mountains

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The Ravaged Mountains are an extensive mountain range to the west of Fallcrest. They get their name from their ragged, sharp peaks that thrust into the sky like broken daggers. The whole mountain area is very difficult to cross, with few passes available and even fewer people who know about them. Most people try to avoid the dangerous journey and take a river boat from Fallcrest, traveling to Kastaris first and then turning west on the old King’s Road.

A few times a year, the Ravaged Mountains rumble, sending stones sliding down their sides and smashing careless travelers. Some people say, this is because of the extensive dwarven mines that cross all the Mountains, another reason for their name. Others say that Anehub, the First Betrayer, is entombed beneath them, and it is his anger that shakes the world around him.

It is true that the dwarves used to live in the Ravaged Mountains, long ago, but how extensive their underground cities really were, no-one knows. The dwarves haven’t been seen since the fall of the Empire. Today, tribes of goblins and giants inhabit the slopes of the Ravaged Mountains. They come down from their mountain homes every few years to plunder nearby villages.

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Why has no-one seen the dwarves since the Fall of the Nerathi Empire? What happened to them? Gain a dwarven magical item for giving an interesting answer consisting of at least 50 words.

The Ravaged Mountains

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